Dear Friends,

Envision some of your most joyful memories at home. Is it waking up to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls? Is it hosting friends and family for a delicious meal and lively conversation? Watching your favorite movie with a loved one? Or curled up on the couch with a good book?

Homes are safe havens and sources of happiness. This year, Community Lenders financed seven projects – all giving families or seniors the opportunity for affordable housing. This year’s annual report theme is “Creating the Joy that Lies Within” because each home and each community is the foundation of joy for its residents.

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To support low-income families, Apartments at New Market West, Canal Park Apartments, and the Karen Donally and Iris Nydia Brown Townhomes all provide affordable and convenient housing for busy families.

Catering to seniors, Grandview Apartments, Knox Avenue Senior Apartments, the Susie Clemens House, and Wilson Manor Apartments all offer an affordable place to call home.

With a safe, convenient, and affordable place to live, families and seniors can thrive at home and in life, finding their happy place.

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Community Lenders is proud to be an integral part of the creation or preservation of these communities. We appreciate our member banks and community representatives that are “Creating the Joy that Lies Within” each of these homes.

Best Regards,

Audrey McMichael
Executive Director